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Name:Jenna Monroe~The 2009 Friday the 13th Remake
Birthdate:Sep 24, 1986
Hi there, this is Jenna from Friday the 13th Remake. She is of age, over the age of 18 as well as the mun, who is well over the age of 18. I am not Danielle Panabaker, she owns herself.

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Name/Alias: LM

Age: 30 years old.

Have you ever role-played in a community before: 15 years of LARPING, White Wolf Vampire/Medieval Vampire/Werewolf/Changeling. Online at AOL first, then on Livejournal comms for 10 years, another 5 years playing on GJ in many comms, both state/city games, as well as Supernatural, and fandom/panfandom. Insanejournal for the last 3 years, doing the same.


Name: Jenna

Age: Around 21 years old --to start out. 24 years old currently.

Fandom: The end of Friday the 13th Remake--AU.

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Physical Description of Character: Jenna is 5'6, lithe, athletic looking, with milky white skin, maybe the slightest blush of a tan to her skin. Her hair is a medium auburn, which is nearly to her waist, with bangs. A fan of denim jackets, pants, and skirts. She likes to wear tank tops, sandals, in light pinks, and other pretty colors. Jenna has very full lips, and very long legs, as well as wide, light brown eyes that are very expressive. Jenna is a very laid back person, not one to dress up unless she were going out somewhere important.

Point in Canon: Jenna is being taken from the end of the film where she gets stabbed through the chest, and Clay and Whitney have to run away because they think she is dead, and Jason is chasing after them. Knocking over a lantern, which sets the place up in flames..

Personality: Jenna is a very sweet girl, she from the beginning of the movie can be seen as uncomfortable with how Trent was treating Clay, who was trying to look for his sister. Actually getting a good look at the flier, she seemed kind of upset with Trent, but brushed it off. She doesn't really seem that interested in Trent, the boy she was sort of dating when she went to Crystal Lake with him to have a fun, college weekend.

Trent seems to be very pushy with the whole sex thing, whereas Jenna much rather get a good workout by taking a walk, and hanging out talking. Trent is not really cool with this, and their issues just build as time goes on. Clay, having made his rounds to Trent's house, we see Jenna being sweet, kind, interested, happy and willing to help Clay out in any way she can. She asks to see the flier of his missing sister, and tries to make him smile by offering Clay a sweet compliment about her looks, and he does smile. Then she asks him to come inside, knowing that Trent will be a jerk, and even steps in the middle of the two men when a fight ensues in order to break them up. Always the peace keeper, with a heart of gold. After Trent yells at Clay to leave, when Jenna just offered him a drink or some food, she gives Trent a look, then walks out with Clay instead. Leaving her supposed boyfriend behind to go with the much nicer, kinder, calmer Clay. Once outside, she sees how upset, and tense Clay is about this whole situation, as well as tired, so she offers him her support by asking if he needs some company. He obliges, and she gives him a soft, genuine smile.

When they get to the camp, Jenna manages to get hurt and they realize their searches in those cabins are fruitless, so they go to leave. Clay's flashlight is dying, and it is becoming dark, so they stop to change the batteries. That is when they notice someone coming, and dragging with them a dead body. Jenna sucks up all her resolve, by keeping herself quiet with Clay under the canoes. Then when they realize Jason is on to where they are staying, they move quietly. With Clay gung ho about following Jason, Jenna calmly convinces him to go with her back to her friends. They needed to know what is going on. Jenna, ever the one to worry about those around her, she also helps them by calming them down, and offering them hope in a bad situation. But there is a part of Jenna who will take abuse from people like Trent, and she seems to be tongue tied as to what to say. It seems like she is used to men treating her badly, and she doesn't know how to stand up for herself verbally. On the other hand, she knows when to walk away, and stand up to people. She won't take their crap for very long.

Jenna is a free spirit, loves the outdoors, and a hike over just throwing herself into anyone's arms, and sleeping with them. She is kind hearted, supportive, loving, generous, helpful, calm to a point in strenuous situations, she takes verbal abuse and doesn't usually say anything because she doesn't seem to know what to say. However, she won't stick around the abuser for long, and will walk away. She wants to be the peace maker, and has proved that a couple of times during the movie. She likes to help people, and will help them keep their spirits up with words, and or physical contact, wanting to make sure that the people around her are safe, and secure.

The start of the movie: Jenna first runs into Clay when her college buddies, and her current boyfriend, whom she is not really that keen on seeing, run into Clay at a local gas/convenience store. The taller man was trying to ask questions of the cashier, as well as put up some 'Where is Whitney' posters. Trent acted like a real ass to Clay, but Jenna saw the poster, and gave him a kind smile.

Now back in the car, they head to Trent's family summer home on Crystal Lake. Jenna is enamored with the air, and the sights, and Trent just tries to get it on with her. She gets annoyed at his antics, and walks away. A few moments later you see Trent cleaner out his car, and bitching about the people he brought with them. Jenna points out that he must have did it to have some fun, and then she points out that he might have done it to show them his parents are rich. Two of their friends walk up to them as they talk, wanting to hit the lake. Trent tries to prove Jenna wrong, by giving the guy his car keys, and asking him to bring the gas down to the lake, but not to use the boat. Both the guy and girl prove not to listen though and use the boat. And they are the first people Jason kills off.

As we see the Clay, he is going from house to house asking about his sister. One woman tells him they are not missing, but dead. Each house he goes to seems to attract Jason. Where he goes on a killing spree, and in one of the house's he finds his hockey mask.

Next we see Clay finally making it to the house with Jenna and Trent. Jenna asks to look at the paper, and gives Clay a compliment, before she asks him in for some food or a drink. Trent, ever the asshole, gets in a fight with Clay, who does not back down. In that moment though, you see Jenna finally giving into those feelings of not liking Trent, and goes off with Clay. Asking Clay if he needs company, he says yes. They walk around the woods, and as dusk comes around, and they leave yet another run down cabin in the woods, they decide to leave. Clay's flashlight is not working so they stop to change the batteries, and run into Jason. Hiding under some canoes, Jason suspects and goes after them, but they prove to be quiet enough, and quick enough to move. Clay wants to go after Jason, but Jenna says they need to take care of her friends. So, they run back. Clay and Trent have a tiff, and Clay and Bree had hooked up, with an angry Trent instead of feeling remorseful, he accuses Jenna of sleeping around with Clay in the woods all day.

Now, Jenna and Clay calm down Trent a bit, and convince everyone that there is a killer out there. They call the cops before Jason shuts down the power. Now, the kids are separating, or going out to look for their friends who were out there before Clay and Jenna came back, and Jason starts to pick them all off one by one. Even going so far as to kill the cop as he comes to the house. Nearly impaling Jenna's face on the fire poker he used, but not before Clay managed to get her out of harms way, and upstairs. Trent is there with a gun, and they find out Bree is now dead. They decide to run, but Jason took away all their forms of escape in a car or on a bike. Then he gets their attention by throwing Bree off the roof onto the car. Trent, Clay and Jenna all get separated. Clay and Jenna make it back to the other side of the lake. They find a house, and as they look around, they finally hear Whitney's screaming. She had been doing it all day, but they were never in a spot to hear her until then.

Reunited, Jenna is nervous, looking for Jason, as Clay tries to free his sister. Once he does, they have to run because Jason is coming. They find a small hole to go through, and Jenna is last, because of that she gets stabbed, and dies. Clay freaks out, screaming and has to run to keep Whitney safe. Jason throws Jenna to the ground, and goes after them. They knock over a fire lamp and the place goes up in flames.

In the end, Clay, Whitney and Jason battle it out. Where Clay and Jason fight it out over a wood chipper, Whitney helps him take Jason down. Thinking he is dead, they go to the lake to bury the body, and the mask, but Jason is still alive and he comes up through the dock to take Whitney down below, thus killing her and leaving Clay all alone.

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